Each interactive workshop series provides an overview from experts and draws on inspiring examples. Participants will have a chance to work in groups to test policy advocacy tools for themselves, applying their own experience and skills to reflect collectively on new methods of engagement through the case study lens.

Workshop on ECG
  • CAD- How to identify culprit artery.
  • Electrolytes- Cautions and Consequences.
  • Brush up your skills on Arrhythmias.

Workshop on Echo

Hands-on Workshop in Acute Care

This workshop features intensive small group training and hands-on workshop in acute care

  • ABG case scenarios and practical approach.
  • NIV.
  • Rapid Diagnosis of Cardiac Arrhythmias.
  • Bedside Ultrasound: FAST, US guided IV access / Procedures

Workshop on ECG

Dr. K. U. Natarajan

Workshop on Echo

Dr. Alagesan R

Hands-On Workshop In  Acute Care

Dr. S. Senthilkumaran
Dr S.Jayaraman
Prof. G. Shreedevi
Dr. Arthi Rajendran
Dr. PD Shiv Ranjit