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About International Society for Renal Research

The International Society for Renal Research (ISRR) is a global organization of nephrologists, researchers, and other professionals dedicated to advancing the science and practice of nephrology. The ISRR provides an international forum for scientific exchange and dialogue, offering educational opportunities, resources, and advocacy for the nephrology community. Through its annual meetings and publications, the society promotes research and clinical practice in the field of nephrology and educates the public about kidney health. The ISRR also works to improve the quality of life for those with kidney diseases and to advocate for better access to care and treatment.

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The ISRR's vision is to be a leader in promoting excellence in renal research and to provide a forum for the exchange of scientific and clinical information worldwide.


The International Society for Renal Research (ISRR) is dedicated to advancing the science of renal research, its clinical applications and education in order to promote better health among individuals and communities worldwide.


  • The main goal of the ISRR is to work towards the prevention and Management of Renal, Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD)and Metabolic disorders with respect to the subsequent mortality rate.
  • The major goal of our organization is to raise awareness about preventative Cardio, Renal, Metabolic health through a combination of online outreach and grassroots advocacy.
  • ISRR has dedicated its work to advancing the profession and is the designated society for guidance, representation, professional recognition, education, and research opportunities for invasive and interventional cardiology professionals.
  • ISRR is committed to innovation and curiosity in the fields of nephrology and diabetes and how they apply to real-world issues.
  • ISRR is convinced that working with other associations and organizations will result in a brighter future.